I know, I know. I haven’t been following the Torbe situation very closely lately. Believe me, it is not for lack of interest.

I have been overloaded lately with life problems.  Nothing as severe as what Torbe is going through…but a bit overwhelming nonetheless.

We lost a beloved family pet recently…my sister’s dog.  I know Torbe can relate to such heartbreak.  😦

My work has been horrible lately. Even more so than usual.

And then the other day…my car blew up. Literally!  The engine pretty much just made a continuous popping sound like there were about a hundred champagne bottles being popped all at once, and then it was no more.


So.  I bought a new car, and am working through the logistics of getting rid of my old one. It is not an impossible task, but it does take a lot of time. If I lived in an area that actually had decent public transportation, I would go the Torbe route and give up on car ownership completely. But I don’t have that luxury, so it is back to monthly car payments again for me. Welcome to the American Way. 😉

Fortunately, throughout all of this, my friend Krull from the Eurobabe forum has been sending me news links relating to Torbe as they appear in the Spanish press. The things Krull sent did not make it look like Torbe’s case will be resolved soon, which made me sad.

I am trying to keep a positive attitude, both about Torbe and about my life problems, though. Torbe’s posts with Jacinta are making me laugh, as are his video posts about how he is exercising. I also listened to his latest Torbe Dice vlog, but I need to review it again. I have lost so much ground in my Spanish translation/comprehension skills during the time Torbe has been away from his vlogging, so it was hard for me to understand fully.

I hope things get better for both me and for Torbe soon!


Dieron el alta

New Spanish phrase learned. Dieron el alta in English means to be discharged from the hospital.

Which Torbe posted he was, thank God. He says it was a “false alarm” and that he would write about what happened later.


I am just glad to see that, according to his Snapchat account, he is home and doing well. And so is Jacinta.  🙂


I hope Torbe is OK! 😦



Torbe appears to have been working very hard since the beginning of the new year at re-establishing his business enterprises at He has been tweeting. He has been Snapchatting. He has been filming various scenes from several of his well-known series…Pilladas and Padre Damian come to mind. He has re-started his Remigio series too, and he has re-uploaded his catchy song tracks to Spotify and iTunes. More importantly, he has started back up with what I think is his best segment of all time…Torbe Dice.

I love Torbe Dice. LOVE.  🙂

There is one additional area of Torbe access that I have, though…and that is via his private Facebook page. I am so honored to have been friended by Torbe on that account. Much of what he posts there is duplicative of what he posts on Twitter and Snapchat, but sometimes you see things there that you don’t see on the other public social media feeds he uses.

Like this, for example.


Torbe posted a quick little snippet the other day of himself, sitting alone in his lawyers’ offices. This was the winner of the month for me, probably because as a lawyer myself, I can really relate to his viewpoint as a client. He captured perfectly the essence of how most people feel about seeing their lawyers.

I love Torbe and his sense of humor.  🙂  And I hope his meeting with his lawyers went well.



La Grande Bellezza

2017 has arrived, and Torbe seems to be back on track to returning his life to what (for him) is normal.


He has found a new home and is creating a new Villacerda there. He is casting for new porn videos for Putalocura. And he is once again watching movies.

Torbe loves film. And so do I. It is one of the things I like best about him. It is so interesting to me to see what grabs his attention in the film world. Non-porn productions, of course.

I actually have a minor in film studies. My undergraduate degree was in telecommunications, but I minored in film and wrote film reviews for extra money when I was in college. I don’t think Torbe knows that I too have always dreamed of making movies someday. It is not likely that I ever will have that opportunity, but “never say never” (as we like to say here in the States).  🙂

Torbe’s latest fascination was with a film called La Grande Bellezza, or The Great Beauty, co-written and directed by Paulo Sorrentino. The film won Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards, as well as the Golden Globe and the BAFTA award in the same category. I had not yet seen it, so…based on Torbe’s recommendation…I downloaded it.


I. Loved. It. What a magnificent film! Even if you are not into subtitled movies, and even if you are not into the Fellini-esque style it emulates, it is worth watching if only for the scenes of Rome. Of course, I loved the theme from an intellectual perspective, and found it thought-provoking and multi-layered. But the sheer “eye candy” views of Rome were fabulous as well. The score was quite good too.

Thank you, Torbe, for sharing this with us. I probably would not have taken the time to watch it had it not been for your recommendation. Because I know what a great cinematic eye you have, I did not hesitate to watch it. And I am glad I did. It is definitely on my top ten list of best movies of all time now.


I am going to try not to post about Ramona any more after this…at least not for a while. I want to do this mainly out of respect for Torbe. I don’t want to make his grieving process any more difficult than it already is, and I know he reads my blog fairly regularly. I also need to do it for my own grieving process as well.

But I still can’t let her go. Not completely, anyway. So I ordered something online that will let me keep her spirit with me all the time, but in a subtle and unobtrusive way.


This came in my mail today. I love it. It is a key chain that shows a Ramona chihuahua with angel wings…and a little red bead heart at the bottom…and a little “R” charm at the top, in the shape of a tiny paw print.

As Professor Snape says in the Harry Potter films about his feelings for Lily Potter, Harry’s mother…”Always.”

Carrie Fisher

RIP Carrie Fisher. I would not have grown into the woman I am today had it not been for the strong impression you made on me as a youngster as Princess Leia. And I certainly would not have developed the sense of curiosity and the spunky attitude that would lead me to interact with Torbe online had it not been for my admiration of your characterization of your best known role.


Thank you, Carrie Fisher.  Thank you.

Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas to all my Torbeentodo readers…and of course, a very special Merry Christmas to Torbe himself. We are so glad that you are back with us, and we hope that you have a special celebration with friends and family who love, appreciate, and care for you very much.



Torbe is having fun on Snapchat…meet Torbita!


Two can play this game.  Meet…Torbevanna!  🙂



I have been obsessed with angels for the past couple of years. I even started decorating one of my Christmas trees in an angel theme as an homage to angels. I love angels.

I didn’t always feel so strongly about angelic beings.  But a couple of years ago, I went to a lecture given by a pompous theology professor at a local university. He was extremely anti-angel. He bashed anyone who liked angels. I found the professor very annoying, so I started my Christmas angel tree theme project immediately thereafter, basically in protest against ridiculous professors who don’t have a clue what they are talking about.

There is something very comforting to me about angels. They look down upon us with love…at least the good ones do…and they help guide us in our earthly travels. I like that idea.

And now…I believe Ramona is an angel.


Torbe finally posted on his blog the other day about the specific details of Ramona’s passing. I saw his Twitter and Instagram notifications of the post while I was at work. I could not bear to read his post right away. I had to wait until I was alone to read it. I knew it would make me cry.

And it did.

Basically, Torbe was in jail and everything in his world was falling apart. He lost his home, and one of the Chicas de Torbe told him she would care for Ramona in his absence. It was Danielita, who I had had some contact with via Twitter during Torbe’s incarceration. I even posted here how grateful I was to her for taking care of Ramona for Torbe.

Tragically, Danielita did not do a good job. She left Ramona unattended with a couple of other far larger and more aggressive dogs…and they attacked Ramona viciously. Or that was the story that was told about the situation, at any rate. No one knows for sure if it was truly an accident, or if Ramona was a victim of foul play (due to a business dispute with Putalocura)!

So now…Ramona is an angel.

I really appreciate Torbe telling the whole story on his blog. I know reliving that experience is very difficult for him. He told me it is hard for him to even think about Ramona now because it is such a painful topic. I understand and respect his feelings. I don’t think I will ever be able to get over Ramona’s passing either, and I never even got the chance to meet her in real life! Torbe’s grief has to be enormous. But hopefully, his post will put the continuing questions about Ramona from his fans to rest, so that Torbe won’t have to have people asking him about her all the time any more.

Ramona…we love you. We will always love you. You were Torbe’s angel when you were here on earth, and now you are an angel for the rest of us too from doggie heaven. Hugs and kisses to you always.